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Garden torch

Garden torch

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Transform your garden into a cozy oasis with our exclusive Törvik garden torch.

While the oak or pine wood of the old half-timbered beams brings a rustic touch, the fire creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy relaxed evenings outdoors and let yourself be inspired by the elegance of Törvik.

To ensure a stable and gentle stand, there are four rubber feet on the bottom.

Choose from one of the numbered torches and you will receive exactly the model shown.

Product Information:
Material: recycled oak or pine wood & metal
Height: approx. 15-43cm
Cross section: from 13x11cm up to 19x16cm
Oil container: Metal container with extinguishing lid including 2 glass fiber wicks
Volume: 340ml (50ml ≈ 1h burning time)

Dimensions of the individual torches [L/W/H]:
Törvik 1: 14cm x 12cm x 21cm → oak
Törvik 3: 19cm x 16cm x 35cm → pinewood
Törvik 5: 14cm x 12cm x 31cm → oak
Törvik 6: 13cm x 11cm x 16cm → oak
Törvik 7: 14cm x 13cm x 15cm → oak
Törvik 8: 16cm x 12cm x 43cm → oak
Törvik 10: 20cm x 12cm x 16cm → oak

Safety instructions: Do not fill up to the top (leave a filling height of approx. 2cm). Wipe away any spilled fuel before lighting. Allow the wick enough time to absorb the fuel before lighting. Extinguish the fire easily after use with the cover cap.

A notice: You will receive the product you selected! Only one is available as each piece is unique.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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Super toll!!!

Haben die Fackel zum 60. Geburtstag verschenkt, ist super angekommen. Ich werde mit Sicherheit nochmal bestellen!