Where does our wood come from?

The wood we use does not just have an old wood look, but our wood is actually up to several hundred years old.

We only use local wood for our products. The trees were felled more than 100 years ago and the wooden beams made from them have already fulfilled their first purpose in life. They served as supporting beams in old half-timbered houses, barns or other buildings. However, when one of the historic buildings has served its purpose and the decision has been made to demolish it, it is carefully dismantled, and the wooden beams are used for our products, among other things. Unlike classic recycling of scrap metal, for example, where the metal is melted down and a completely new product is created, when we reuse the wood we make sure that the unique patina and structure that has developed over time is preserved. This means that each of our products is a beautiful, individual combination of the past and the modern of today.

In addition to the unique appearance, the use of reclaimed wood also makes it extremely robust. Whether in summer or winter, in rain or extreme heat, the wood has fulfilled its structural function under demanding conditions and will continue to meet its requirements in the future.

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